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Congratulations to ENGEL AUSTRIA GmbH for winning the 2024 Nolato Sustainable Supplier award!

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As part of Nolato Sustainable Procurement Seminary in Newcastle, United Kingdom, on 19th March 2024, Nolato held an Award Dinner under which the Nolato's Sustainable Supplier Award 2024 was presented. The motivation behind the Nolato Sustainable Supplier Award is to encourage and recognize suppliers who are leaders in sustainability practices. 

We aim to honor suppliers who have excelled in initiatives such as the procurement of green electricity, performance in EcoVadis assessments (notably achieving from bronze to platinum medal), and the exploration and adoption of green alternatives.

Through this award, Nolato aims to highlight the significance of sustainable practices in the supply chain and to promote a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in sustainability among all its suppliers. We believe that by recognizing suppliers like this, we are not only applauding their achievements but also inspiring and encouraging others to follow in their footsteps, contributing to a more sustainable and responsible global business environment. 

This approach is aligned with the broader goals of reducing sustainability risks in supply chains and promoting transparency and accountability in corporate practices. Suppliers who demonstrate their alignment with these goals, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact on society and the environment.

ENGEL was the 2024 Nolato Sustainable Supplier Award winner. Holger Kast, Global Key Account Manager Medical from ENGEL Austria GmbH, attended the Nolato Sustainable Procurement Event, including the Nolato Award Dinner.

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