Sustainable and Renewable Packaging materials


New, renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly range produced from sugarcane!

The Cerbo Classic range has been Nolato Cerbo’s best-selling range in recent years. To contribute to a better environment, Nolato is proud to introduce our bio-based Polyethylene packaging produced from sugarcane – Cerbo Classic Bio. It is a new, renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly range covering both bottles and caps and is also available in different colors. The Bio range is fully recyclable and meets the requirements for food supplements. Cerbo Classic Bio has been validated with biobased Polyethylene made of sugarcane and all product properties – mechanical, functional, recycling – are identical to those of petrochemical resins.

Bio-based content
- >90% in bottles
- >90% in bottles with CL cap
- >80% in bottles with SC-Light cap
(The inner part is being approved during 2021
and SC-Light cap will then reach >90%)

Meets the requirements for food supplement packaging

Determined by ISO 13833:2013 analysis. 

You will find the marking “BIO-PE” at the bottom of the bottles; this verifies the use
of the environmentally friendly Bioplastic. 

Available in colors

  • Future-oriented responsible approach
  • Clear guidelines:
  • “Grundbultar”, Code of Conduct and Environmental Policy
  • All sites ISO 14001 certified
  • Annual Sustainability Report available
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